Future Workshops partners with IBM to develop best-of-breed enterprise mobile products.

Key to our approach is balancing three crucial aspects of the delivery of a great mobile product: business, technology, and end users.

IBM Case Manager Mobile

IBM Case Manager Mobile is a beautifully-designed, native case management app for iOS and Android.

Even with the best tools back at the office, desktops, laptops and paper leave on-the-go knowledge workers with unmet needs.

IBM Case Manager Mobile provides an always-available platform for decision-making, turning knowledge workers into instant experts.

The result: flexibility to make direct contact for an exceptional customer experience, and valuable time saved for the business.

The apps integrate with the IBM Case Manager plugin for IBM Content Navigator, and are built with the unique capabilities of their respective platforms in mind, embracing the full potential of cutting-edge vendor technology. The design and experience of IBM Case Manager Mobile matches the highest standards of craftsmanship and upholds Appleā€™s Human Interface Guidelines, code style, and best practices.

SDKs for iOS and Android platforms are also provided. This allows customers to build ontop of a well architected, future proof set of libraries in order to create bespoke solutions.

IBM Datacap Mobile

IBM Datacap Mobile is a high performance document capture solution for mobile devices.

It acquires high-quality, complete document sets and automatically extracts key information for a variety of business processes.

IBM Datacap Mobile supports all core document capture and imaging functions, such as automatic document capture, quality detection, edge detection, document assembly on the device, barcode decoding, optical character recognition (OCR), offline support, and the ability to submit the documents to a Datacap server.

IBM Datacap Mobile is provided as a shrink wrapped app via the iTunes App Store. Customers can also use the significant capabilities via an SDK, enabling development teams to build fully bespoke solutions.

Enterprise Products

At Future Workshops we've been building enterprise products for years. We understand the important factors in their success.

Useful: Apps are tools that solve key problems for their users. Achieving this requires bottom-up thinking, with focus on user needs and discovery of day-to-day realities and business workflows.

Supportable: Apps align with enterprise business goals, security requirements and regulatory restrictions.

Enjoyable: Experiences matches enterprise workers expectations, often formed on consumer app stores.

We make mobile products for premium international brands.